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My instance says that there is no SSH key-pair assigned (SSH key-pair None). How can I assign an SSH key-pair so I can FTP into the EC2 Instance?  My AWS account is not showing a key-pair name either.
Thank you for your assistance.
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The TKL Hub allows for you to configure SSH keys on launch. However it is still possible once you are up and running. Unfortunately I can't guide you on how to do that OOTOMH so you'll need to have a bit of a google. If you keep in mind that the current TKL range of appliances (v12.x) are based on Debian Squeeze (aka 6.0) then you should be able to find something useful.

Assuming that you have some luck, it'd be great if you can post back with your solution as no doubt that will help others in future.

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TurnKey EC2 images are configured to import an AWS public key if it is configured when launching the instance. In the Hub, this is done on the launch page. Keep in mind that SSH keypairs on AWS are region specific, so you need to have one in the region you are launching in.

Above that, the Hub supports Hub SSH Keys, which are global for all regions. If you add an SSH public key to your Hub profile, it will be included in all deployments automatically with no need to specify anything.

Lastly, it is always possible to add an SSH public key to an already launched instance:

ssh-copy-id root@APPLIANCE_IP

I hope the above helps.

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