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I'm planning to upgrade some 12.0 servers (32-bit), which for historical reasons are built on the Turnkey Rails despite now using only Django (have disabled the Rails but it's still there) - would like to build new servers using 12.1 64-bit, using Turnkey Linux Core, and if possible restore using TKLBAM from old server to new.

I will install Django from source as part of the app, so I only need Core.

Is this possible?  If so, are there any tips and tricks to making it go smoothly?

I will start on dev/test servers first but any help would be great - haven't done a TKL upgrade before.


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But perhaps not...

So to clarify:

You currently have v12.0 TKL Rails appliance(s) but do not use Rails on these. Instead you have Django (installed from source) and wish to transfer the content to a new 64 bit v12.1 Core server. Is that right?

If so, yes that's fine... I'd just run a TKLBAM simulation and see what gets included. You may need to add includes (for any of your Django data etc that isn't being included by default) and excludes (for any Rails stuff that you don't want/need). Once you have that working as planned, run your backup... You can then restore it to Core. It will probably complain that it's the wrong appliance but do it anyway. Assuming that you followed the Debian FHS and put stuff in the right places, you may even be able to just copy everything across and it'll just work... 

I'd thoroughly test this restoring to a VM before you do it all for real...

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