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I'm trying for the first time turnkey appliance. I try dokuwiki, I can log in webmin/webshell ...etc but I can't log in wiki.

Can you help me ?

Can I change password manualy ?

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Most of these appliances use their default user login name for the app itself. This should be documented on the appliance page. Often that are names such as 'admin' or 'user' or sometime use an email address (that you needed to supply when doing the firstboot config).

I'd check on the relevant appliance page...

Also it may depend on how/where you installed the appliance. OVZ appliances require you to complete the init scripts first shell loging (although I haven't tested it with Webshell) to set these. Most other platforms these get set at first boot, but AWS is usually set from the Hub launch page, but if running from the Marketplace you will need to do the first use config.

You may possibly be able to set the password manually (i suggest you google on how to do that and/or contact the DokuWiki community). Another option is to rerun the firstboot scripts (in /usr/lib/inithooks/bin).

However it should 'just work' OOTB with the password you set and the relevant username. 

There have similar issues in the past but they have been related to specific cases - things like non-US keyboard, special characters not recognised or usuable with that software, password limitations of app not included with TKL firstboot password checking (eg not allowed to use a password the same as the username, but this not being checked by TKL when the password is set...)

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