It's supposed to be set on first boot, but i dont see this info when the system is booting so can't login. This is true for admin user, ssh, webmin root etc. I dont see any info on how the passwords are set, nor do i get asked to create any passwords. Therefore I cannot login ...

What am I missing here ?

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The firstboot scripts run on first console run.

If you are running on bare-metal or a VM environment such as KVM, Xen, VMWare or VirtualBox then it should be self evident on first boot following install.

If you are running on OVZ or OpenStack then the firstboot scripts will run on first console login e.g. via SSH (the root password is set prior to this through the VM platform itself).

And similarly if running on AWS the root password is set on launch.

If you use the TKL Hub then you can define the root password (and all other passwords/user emails/etc) from the WebUI (thus avoiding the firstboot dialog altogether).

If you launched from the AWS marketplace then you will need to check the console output (from the AWS control panel) and find the (random) preset root password. IIRC the first boot scripts should also autorun on first console login. Otherwise run them manually with turnkey-init.

thanks for such an informative answer !

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