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Where do we setup the password for Webmin and Webshell?

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So you'll need to set one...

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Thank you for the reply!

To be clear...

The "Root account" section, "Root password" is for Webmin and Webshell. Although labeled optional, and never mentioned in the form or on the help pop up, by leaving this blank the general user lock themsleves out of Webmin and Webshell.

It might be useful to add more detailed information about Webmin and Webshell to the help pop up.

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Although as both Webmin and Webshell use the root account to log in (as documented in numerous places inc forum threads here) I would think that it'd be somewhat self evident (that they'd use the root password also). Especially Webshell (which is basically a web based SSH shell).

I think too that there is some (obviously incorrect) assumption that if you are using keypairs then you probably won't want to muck around with Webmin or Webshell anyway (and are just going to use SSH direct with your keypair). If you did, then I would have anticipated that a user (such as yourself) that has entered a SSH key pair but not a root password would just log in via SSH and (re)set their password if they desired to use either of those services.

However that doesn't mean that it couldn't be clearer or better explained... As obviously it's not as self evident as I would have thought! :) Perhaps lodge an issue on the TKL Dev Tracker?

Also FWIW if you don't put a password in, the random one can be found in the Hub (or AWS) appliance console log...

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