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It appears the "WordPress multisite support" does not work for a simple local install to one's harddrive with virtualbox. It assumes one is installing it with an IP address available over the internet. 

I have tried many different addresses over multiple installs:


The behavior is always the same. Somewhere around the enabling multisite step, all wordpress CSS breaks. I get a barebones login prompt, and when I try to login, I get redirected to various wrong URL's. 

This happens whether I follow the instructions above or ignore them and skip straight to the Wordpress Multisite configuration instructions.

Please tell me what address I should be using in place of "" and SITE in your documentation. 

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Unfortunately, I did not, and went with a unified site solution instead. 

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So Dave, could you clarify? It sounds like there is something wrong with the instructions and/or there is some bug that means that whilst technically the instructions are right but don't work... Could you provide any additional info so we can fix the info and/or the appliance so it works as it should.

Also apologies to you Joseph that you never got any response...

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When you install a TKLX VM on a PC within Virtualbox you need to add the domain name to your hosts file.

Let me know if you have done so and if you still have problems we'll need to step through other potential causes.



Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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