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How do we associate a turnkey server to the hub account?

We created the turnkey server on AWS from the Turnkey UI and it shows up under Turnkey hub Account, but not in services and backups tabs.


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Tried tklbam-init but the server says already initialized?

  • yet i dont see it in our hub account
  • the backup says its running but the results are not in hub

The server is not associated with the turnkey hub account, yet we created the aws server instance server while logged into Turnkey and witht he turnkey UI.

Is turnkey a viable profuct, or no longer supported.

Do Turnkey Sever Instances need to be associated with a turnkey hub account?


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But if you need lots of support then I suggest you go for one of the supported business plans (Gold or Platnum).

As for 'importing' a server into the Hub... I have no idea. AFAIK it is possible, but not officially supported. I have always just used the Hub and it works no issues (or more to the point there have been the odd issue but the devs are pretty responsive to them).

Having said that, AFAIK the Hub is just an alternative front end for AWS (using the AWS API) and I have heard of others having success using AWS launched appliances in the Hub...

Sorry I just reread your post and you say that you launched the server through the Hub but it doesn't show up!? That sounds very strange and is definately not expected behaviour... I have never encountered anything like that and wouldn't even know where to start working out what is going on... The first thing that pops into my head is the possibility that you accidentally created 2 Hub accounts and are logging into the wrong one!? Not saying that it's likely, just the first thought that occurred to me...

I suggest that you contact the devs direct (via the blue 'Feedback' button when logged into the Hub). If you haven't heard anything within a day or 2 please post back and I will chase up with them.

As for your backups; it should be completely irrellevant on whether the server itself is linked to (or showing in) the Hub or not. On numerous occasions I have used TKLBAM to backup and/or migrate data to and from appliances that aren't even running on AWS (migrating local VMs between work and home mostly). This is another factor that adds to my (perhaps unlikely) idea about you being logged into the wrong account (i.e. the server is in fact linked to a different Hub account to the one you are logged into!?)...

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I just reread your post again... I'm sorry I don't get it at all...

At one point you say that the server is correctly associated with your Hub account but later you say it isn't... Which is it?

As for backups, have you run a backup on this server yet? If so did it complete successfully?

And finally if you do post to the devs (via Hub Feedback) I suggest that you include a link to this thread...

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