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Im al little bit confused but can I install turnkey linux on my own hard disk of 80G.

And if so, where can I find how to do this ?



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You can install TKL to hardware or a massive variety of virtual environments.

To install to bare metal hardware the best way to go is download the ISO version of whichever appliance you wish to run (make sure if it's older hardware then you get the 'i386' i.e. 32 bit version from the TKL SourceForge download page, otherwise the default 'amd64' or 64 bit version is your best bet - which is available either on the relevant appliance page or from SourceForge).

Then boot from the CD and follow the prompts...'s picture


I like to install the Ruby applaince but then with a DE.  The most I like the Cinnamon DE.


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If you keep in mind that TKL appliances are built on Debian (Squeeze/6 in the case of v12.x; v13.x will be built on Wheezy/7).'s picture


Then no Cinnamon for me. As far as I can find Squeeze uses still gnome 2.30.

So i will use that one.



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