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I run via Turnkey. I just received an email from turnkey saying


You are receiving this notification because the TurnKey Hub has detected that the Amazon API access key you provided is no longer active. Don't panic! This probably just means you rotated your keys for security reasons.


Well, I didn't rotate my keys. 

Do the amazon API keys expire after a certain period?

Anyway, I go to the turnley dashboard and it says


Important note: You should only update your keys if they are no longer active, or will be soon (i.e. key rotation).

The updated keys MUST belong to the same Amazon EC2 account. Providing keys belonging to a different account will result in your current Amazon assets being deleted from the Hub.



Blimey! Does that mean if I make a mistake and somehow put the keys in incorrectly everything will get deleted...??!??!

Jon Jagger


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Just to clarify; these are servers which you have launched via the Hub and used to control via the Hub but they have now disappeared?!

Can you please shoot me an email (jeremy AT preferably using the email account that is linked to the Hub. I will chat with Alon and we'll see if we can get back to you with an answer ASAP.


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I have replied to Bram now (and cc'd you in...)

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