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I have a Web2Py app deployed through the TKL hub. I'm trying to migrate from sqlight to mysql. I have been using webmin with no problem. The system was not recognizing my mysql password set at configuration time so I went through webmin and changed it. I tried rebooting - but the server would not reboot. So I just shut it down and restarted. After the restart, I can not get into webmin - it times out with the error message: "This web page is not available"

Any ideas?

Thanks, James

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I have the same problem was only after a reboot I was able to come, but nothing changed. The settings remain the same.

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Thanks! The reboot did the trick. I noticed that prior to the reboot the server was displaying both a TKL address and my private domain address. After the reboot only my provate domain address is being displayed. 

From the forum I've noticed that problems accessing the Webmin are often associated with SSL certificates - maybe this is related to the same.

thanks again, James

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