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Hi all,

I've been using Turnkey vm for a long and they are just fantastic. Download, deploy and start working on it. Just amazing.

My idea now is to have a LAMP server for using it for multiple sites, creating for every one his virtual host. What I miss is the FTP so limit to each one the access they need.


I found two ways:

- vsftpd => As said in these topic, you have to install on your own and after the admin module.

- ProFTPd server => that webmin offers it as standard modules.

As I used vsftpd some time before, I would like to try this time with ProFTP but I found that when you want to install it in the LAMP Turnkey (v13.0) it give you the following error:

Failed to install standard module : Module proftpd requires Webmin version 1.660 or above

What my following thoughs were to update Webmin to the required version. But I can't figure it out how to do it. Like in this ¿modified version? of webmin that option is no available.

This other topic, someone ask it how to update it too but no answer was given due to there was no reason to do it. Now there is one! Can it be done?


For last, I'm open mind to listen other ways to achieve the FTP (ftp, sftp, ftps, don't care, it's gonna be for internal use only) and make it work in a stable and easy way to administrate it in long term.


Thanks in advanced.


Have a nice day.

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If you want to have separate users but it doesn't matter if the different users can browse and download (read only) through the file heirarchy then you can just use SFTP OOTB (after settig up your users).

If you want to lock the users to their vhost directory then vsftpd or ProFTP are a better bet. I have only ever used vsftpd and have found it very easy to configure manually but there is no Webmin module. As you note there is a ProFTP Webmin module. Instead of installing the 'Webmin way' try using apt-get. IIRC something like 

apt-get update && apt-get install webmin-proftp

should work...

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Yep that's the one! :)

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