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I don't know how many of the vz images do this but so far i have found both django and web2py will run at 99% CPU utilization out of the box. I found a fix for it:


# service rsyslog stop

# sed -i -e 's/^\$ModLoad imklog/#\$ModLoad imklog/g' /etc/rsyslog.conf

# service rsyslog start



Hope this helps someone

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glad to help!

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I use OVZ almost exclusively (via ProxmoxVE) and can't say I've encountered this issue... I currently have a few (unadultarated) v13.0 TKL appliances running (under OVZ) although not the 2 you mention. Mine are all idling at about 0.5-1.6% CPU so not sure what is going on there...

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Not sure if this applies to you guys as well, but I have noticed that until you log in and run the inithook scripts (i.e. the ones that set passwords etc) the container will run at ~99%. After you have done the first login and run them then it settles down to normal.

The other possibility is that it is something with vanilla OVZ that has been patched in Proxmox (I'm running v3.1 currently).

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However as I am not able to reproduce the issue I can't assist providing a proper fix...

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