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i installed the TYPO3 Turnkey VM and it works fine with the preinstalled demo website.

But as i tried to install a new typo3 website in the /var/www directory it does not work. Usually such Websites are accessible by http://<ipadress or domain>/<websitedir> but instead the Apache routes to the demo website with errors.

How can i confgure the apache webserver to run several websites in parallel ?

Thanks in advance


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But I would expect that the default doc root dir would be something like /var/www/typo (or similar). By default I imagine that the TKL appliance would be designed to route http://<ip-or-hostname)/ to that default doc root.

I know that if you want to set up multiple/separate HTML websites then you can use Apache to do that (using virtual hosts) however I have no idea how you'd do that with TYPO (unless of course if you have multiple installs of TYPO and use Apache to point to each indivdual one).

If you want to use the one TYPO install to host multiple pages I would assume that you'd need to consult the TYPO documentation for details (or even if it supports that scenario...?).

And as for replacing the demo content with your own TYPO site (that you have made already) I would be searching for something along the lines of 'migrate TYPO site' or something. Unless you wih to completely replace the demo site (and the preinstalled version of TYPO) in which case you should be able to just overwrite the content of /var/www/typo (or whatever it is...)

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