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Im setting up a wiki page and i want to upload an image that is used as a link to the pront page.

Ive uploaded the image to webmins file manager and ive attached it to index.html and it shows in the preview.


however when i go to the link for the page the image does not show up

is there something in the image path that is causeing this?

any ideas?


thank you, 

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Are you using a TKL wiki appliance (there are a few to choose from) or are you using LAMP (or something else)? It may make a difference in how you would go about this... I will discuss LAMP (for now) as it's easier...

So the index.html page you are trying to create is to be in the webroot? (i.e. http://<fqdn-or-ip>/index.html) If so where is your index.html file? (In LAMP by default it'd be /var/www/index.html) Where did you put your image? Personally I'd put it in a folder like images (i.e. /var/www/images/home.png in LAMP) then reference it in you index.html as "/images/home.png" e.g. something like: 

<a href="../index.html"><img src="../images/home.png" alt="Home link"></a>

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