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Hello! I have tried a total of 30 OpenVZ templates. On each VPS, the webshell and SSH are unrepsonsive. Iptables is not running on the host. In addition, if I use any non-TKL OpenVZ image, everything works fine.

Is there a special setting inside SolusVM I'm not using correctly when I use the container files posted on

Thanks for the guidance!

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And FWIW they all work fine OOTB for me...

There are some 'firstboot' scripts that need to run to finalise configuration of TKL appliances, but for me they auto run on first SSH login. Regardless I doubt that not doing that would cause that behaviour anyway (as I say I login via SSH to run those scripts...).

The only other thing that I can think of is that perhaps you are suffering this issue (which I personally haven't experienced either) and maybe that is making them unresponsive...?!

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Thanks for the reply. I will take a look at the link. The big problem is I can't even sign into SSH to get the inits fired. It just times out. I will research your link and post back. Thanks!

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On your host you could try entering the machine manually (from the commandline) and at least then you may be able to see what is going on... (and complete the firstboot scripts and change the logging behaviour as per the link I posted above - although I'm not convinced that is the issue, who knows...).

I am totally unfamiliar with SolusVM so not sure what default settings it would use, I use ProxmoxVE and it all just works OOTB...

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I was able to resolve. For some reason, it didn't run the init for about 10 minutes. After waiting, all is well. Think that may be some sort of SolusVM thing. Thanks!

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