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Hi Guys, newby here

I just created a small deployment for Ushahidi using Ubuntu, I don't remember to have set up passwords and usernamos for the WebShell and for the Web Management.   Can somebody help me to figure out how to recover or set up access to this?


Humberto Silva

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Hi Guys, 

Solved issue with Webmin but still trying to figure out how to connect to the shell any help will be highly appreciate it

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So if you have Webmin sorted then Webshell (and SSH) should happily use the same credentials; username: root password: <whatever you set on first boot> (note all passwords should be configured on first boot of TKL appliances).

If you are still stuck then you can reset the root password with a live CD although I don't recall how OTTOMH (google something like "reset password debian live cd" or similar...).

Although unless you have data in there that you wish to keep then it may be easier to just start again...

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