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I have a magento installation on a shared server. I want to take my store to Amazon and use Turnkey Magento App that is offered in the marketplace.

I managed to install it, followed all steps provided in image but after installing I can't access Magento using Public DNS. Is there something I'm missing?


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If so you will need to configure that to point to your AWS instance.

Assuming that's the case, my suggestion would be to purchase an ElasticIP from Amazon and associate that with your instance (an ElasticIP is somewhat like a static IP). Then with the tools provided by your domain registrar point your domain name to your ElasticIP.

OTOH you could use HubDNS to do that for you but it may take a while to propagate, particularly if you are using an ISP DNS service. I find Google DNS ( much better at quickly propagating DNS changes

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