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I read in the issue tracker: (posted by Alon)" It appears vtiger does not yet support PHP 5.4.x, which is a show stopper for TKL 13.0 unfortunately..."

I'm not a linux whiz--just managed to get the app up & going because TurnKey made it so easy--so I need to know if I must find a new hosting solution to keep my CRM or if I can stay here with what I have. (I'd really like to stay.)




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So I am assuming that you are using the v12.1 vTiger appliance?

We are hoping that vTiger will release a version really soon that supports php5.4. They have relatively recently released v6.0 (see here from a little over a month ago) but I don't think they fixed the incompatibility with php5.4 (they haven't explicitly said either way). Once they do then TKL will look to release an updated version of the vTiger appliance. Hopefully that will be in time for the EOL of TKLv12.x (expect May this year i.e. in about 3 months...).

FWIW there appears to be a patch file to get vTiger v5.4.0 running on php5.4.x (see here) but as it is not official (i.e. not released by the vTiger devs) I don't think TKL can legitimately use it as the source for an appliance. The only mention I could find from some sort of official vTiger source on when it will be able to run on php5.4.x is a comment on the above linked blog post here although I'm not sure if that person is an official vTiger person and/or where that info came from...

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Hi, Jeremy

You're certainly a good person to ask, and I'll welcome any help I can get on this: Is vTiger a dead app on TKL now? Any hope for migrating to the new platform (and support)? I'm not sure where to go with my database at this point....


Best Regards,


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AFAIK vTiger are still yet to release a version that is compatible with PHP5.4. This leaves us in the unfortunate position where we can't offer an upgrade path just yet...

However, luckily Debian have announced that Debian Squeeze (the basis of TKL v12.x) is going 'LTS' (Long Term Support) and security updates will be provided until Feb 2016! Yay! :)

So this means that you can continue using your current v12.1 appliance into the future! Yay again! :)

Unfortunately we do not have the resources to offer an upgraded v12.x appliance so you will be stuck on vTiger v5.4 (unless you choose to manually upgrade to 6.x). If you do keep it as is, then I suggest that you (manually) apply the vTiger v5.4 security patches (download them from SourceForge). I further suggest that if you patch (or upgrade) your appliance and are using TKLBAM that you adjust your backup so it includes all the vTiger code (i.e. /var/www/vtiger - although there is probably a cache and/or temp dir that you will want to exclude). If you do that then when you restore, the patched/upgraded files will overwrite the default TKL vTiger files...

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