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I arguably don't belong on this forum because my technical ability is limited.  All said everybody has to get started somewhere.  I signed up for for EC2 on Amazon and selected the Magento Turnkey Install.  I finally got my configuration settings right and connected to my instance using PuTTY (major milestone for me).  I thought that once I did this I would be able to access some sort of GUI interface to interact with mySQL and Magento.  All I get is  a command line.  When I look on Amazon and Turnkey web pages there doesn't seem to be any additional documentation.  I am really lost at this point. Do I have to do everything from a command line prompt?


I tried entering some prompts like:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop



but that doesn't do anything....


Probably way in over my head...

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Yeah, you don't want to do that... These are servers, not desktops. You do, however, have a GUI in form of a web interface:

Usually, I just go to https://{my.ip.add.res}

...which should take you to the web interface for Magento.

If you want some server admin GUI, you can try Webmin: https://{my.ip.add.res}:12321

I'm a GUI guy, but can get by in CLI (Command Line Interface) well enough (and by that, enough to get in trouble!)

What are you trying to accomplish? (might be the better approach to identifying your issue -- it's not really clear what you are looking for.)


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