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Hi Guys, first I wanna say sorry for my terrible english, but i'm really need some help.

I so far only installed the appliance, configuring items such as domain the way I wanted ... completing the installation I tried joining with a Windows 7 machine in the domain, but I always get the same error message after I put the user and password that I set. 

Error while attempting to joining the domain "XPTO". 
The specified domain does not exist or can not be contacted. 

Have checked DNS, username, password and nothing. I can also ping the machine. 

Any ideas?

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But I suggest that you read the couple of doc pages: TKL DC 'quickstart' and the notes - provided by a TKL user...

Hopefully that will get you headed in the right direction... Also I have read that to get Win7 to play nice with a Samba3 (as included in TKL v13 and earlier) DC there is a reg tweak required. However I can't confirm or deny that (perhaps try googling...?)

Sorry I know that isn't ideal, but it's the best I can do...

[update] Also, I just noticed the tags you had used (I edited them, they need to be comma separated or otherwise end up being just one big tag) and need to clarify (as the first couple of links above explain - at least to some extent) that on it's own this appliance isn't a drop-in AD replacement and doesn't include LDAP...

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