Hi All,

I've been tring to find a sensible robust way to connect to a remote Microsoft Access database from my Turnley Linux system. I found one option but it's read only and I need read write. ODBTP looks promising, but I can't seem to find a package for it, and have tried to compile it with no success.

Can anyone help, once compiled, I seem to end up with libodbtp.so not php_odbtp.so or odbtp.so as it appears that others get.

Any help, or ideas on a better way to access Access remotely very welcome.


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From my brief googling it looks like this is not an easy thing to achieve, and ODBTP looks like it is abandonware (last release Jan 2006!) so even if you can get it going whether it will work reliably with current software is questionable...

TBH unless you are willing to pay for proprietary software (seems there are a few companies that develop MDBA, like EasySoft) it appears that getting a "sensible robust" solution may not be possible.

One possible (free) way to go might be to install MSSQLServer (on your Win box) and connect your TKL to that (Linux -> MSSQLServer seems to be doable) then on your Windows box setup a simple service that syncs the MSSQLServer DB to your Access DB (again seems doable)... Certainly not "sensible" and possibly not all that "robust" but possible...!?

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