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 I am a new user of turnkey. Hi while booting turnkey lynux i am getting the attched screen.

TKLBAM (backup & Migration): Not Initialized

How to procede?

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If you want to use TKLBAM (it's a pretty cool backup and migration tool) then you'll need to initialise it. Have a read of the FAQ.

You have 3 options:

  1. The best IMO is by setting up a TKL Hub account and initialise it with your Hub API key (see some more info here). The Hub has a really cool interface to allow you to see all your backups and configure how many to keep, etc. This will require you to sign up to Amazon and provide credit card details (to pay the cost of AWS S3 storage of your backups - currently my backups cost about 10c/month).

  2. The next best is to use TKLBAM without a API key. It's nowhere near as user friendly and you'll need to control and keep track off all your backups yourself but it's still probably the easiest backup option. tklbam-init docs should get you going in the right direction...

  3. Your last option is to not use TKLBAM and ignore the message (although if your server is for anything more that testing you'll need to configure your own backup).

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