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I am using tklbam on a ubuntu 12.0.4 installed on a digital ocean droplet for backing things up. I am probably missing something obvious, but how do I change the label so that the backup has a label of my choosing when I look at it in the TurnKeyHub. Ie I want to do something like:

   tklbam-backup <opts> <option to make the label=dokuwiki167>

And then go to the turnkey hub and see the label dokuwiki167 on the fresh backup...

Thanks in advance! (BTW TKLBAM is fantastic!)

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But you can do it in the Hub really easily. Log into the Hub and go to the Backups page. Then click on your backup (so it opens to allow viewing of details), then click 'Edit' next to the Label. Set as you desire and click OK... Should be all good! :)

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Yep, I agree that I can do that very nicely in the hub for a single backup. (The interface is very nice in TKLBAM thanks guys!)

I want however to backup over 30 different ubuntu and debian machines a day to the hub. They all have the label "TurnkeyBackup" So I really don't want to try and figure out which machine was what...

(The machines are set up via ansible so I can easiy change the generated backup scrtipts. I just need a way to be able to programatically specify the label...)


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But unfortunately I don't know... They must be getting that "TurnkeyBackup" label from somewhere (by default TurnKey Linux appliances have the appliance name as the backup label). But where, I'm not sure... I'll ask Liraz (the main dev on TKLBAM), he'll know...

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Thanks for enquiring!

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So I'll let you know when I hear back from Liraz, but as the core devs are having Passover holiday I doubt we'll hear back from them until next week... (They are only available for very urgent matters this week...)

Also following on from answering your other post, perhaps the profile is where the name comes from? If you have a dig around I reckon you might find it...

If you do find it, please post back! :)

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And unfortunately I have some bad news... The Hub API does not currently support naming/renaming backups :(

So the only way to currently do it is one-by-one via the Hub WebUI... The only (sort of) workaround would be to keep track of which sever relates to which backup set number...

FWIW I've lodged a feature request, although not sure when it will make it into the Hub...

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Thanks for doing this and loding the feature request. I can imagine going forward this will be a much needed feature.


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And as I mentioned on your other thread, we hope to have TKLBAM included in upstream repos at some point in the future, so I agree. Ensuring that users have the best experience possible by resolving stuff like this is a good plan!

I expect that this functionality will be included when the Hub is next updated!Although I don't know when that will be...

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Just wondering, is this really helpfull feature will be implemented soon?

Thank you!

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Yes, it will. I'll be going back to TKLBAM development very soon. Thanks for the feedback.

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I must say, i just ran a restore of an entire Drupal system using tkl-bam and it worked perfectly. Thank you!! I want to expand it to a much larger number of servers, and having the ability to re-label beforehand and/or via command line would be amazing!!

Thank you.


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TKLBAM-BACKUP is usefull "killer app" for administering debian servers farm. Is there any method how to specify which backup belongs to which server? Other, than start first backup by hand and catch the time in the web hub interface?

Congratulation for tklbam user friendly or admin friendly philosophy. Lack of server identification also block automatic restoring procedures ...

Josef Moravek

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TKLBAM v1.5 is slated to have improvements in this regard, although it has been a long time coming. We've had a lot going on behind the scenes which has taken Liraz away from TKLBAM development. Hopefully we can rectify that in the not too distant future but I can't make any promises.

FWIW here are some relevant issues on our tracker, feel free to add your voice there if you wish:

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