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This is regarding the the sftp issue while connecting from linux to Windows.

We have generated the ssh keys as per process, passed the public key to windows team and restarted the freesshd services.


The sftp connection can be established successfully, we are able to transfer files, but when we are trying to exit the connection, it is not allowing us to exit. It gets hanged, and does not process any further commands.


The same setup is working in other linux-> Windows configurations, but we are facing issue with one specific Windows server.


Can anyone please suggest what Windows configuration should I look into to identify the problem ?


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By default TurnKey has SFTP configured and running.

I use SFTP a fair bit with TurnKey Linux servers and haven't encountered an issue like you mention so I'm not really sure...

When you say that it is working with other Linux setups, are they TurnKey too? Or are you only having the issues with a TurnKey server? If so what OS are the other servers?

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