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I am using turnkey-ejabberd and now trying to install mod_restful into it. As per the module installation instructions, neither I am finding the folder structure and neither files. 

I am requesting a guideline, how can I achieve that. 


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So TBH I have no idea on where to start with this...

However if you provide more info on what steps you have taken and what specific error(s) you are encountering I may be able to give some vague guidance.

Out of interest I did some quick research and discovered that in TKL eJabberd is installed from the (Debian) repos. So assuming that you are using TKL v13.0 then you have eJabberd v2.1.10. I suspect that fi you are using a version of TKL eJabberd older than the current stable (v13.0) you will want to upgrade first (I recommend migrating your current server data to a new v13 instance using TKLBAM). From what I could gather the current build of mod_restful is for eJabberd v13 (not clear on why the massive version jump?) so according to this suggestion you will want to use the older (v0.1.1) branch of mod_restful.

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