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1) when is the new turnkeylinux (v 14?) to be expected?

2) I used the docker turnkeylinux and it is great, but I see that every image (lamp, redmine, joomla) is build from another base, which defies the advantages of docker:

I think turnkeylinux would be great on docker if it uses it well, a good beginning would be to use the docker image "turnkeylinux core" as a base image for ALL appliances, on top of that the lamp image as a base for all PHP appliances like joomla etc. In that case the computer resources like memory and harddisk would be very efficiently (re)used, without sacrificing the flexibility and convenience that turnkeylinux offers.

Even better maybe would be to make different dockers for the base components, and combine them at will. For example one docker container/image with "tkl core", and "tkl lamp (excluding core)", and on top of that several PHP applications like joomla etc (excluding the former two packages etc.). So we need just one core app with one management interface (webmin), to manage several PHP apps.

the same can be done for apps based on other stacks like java or ruby

what do you think?


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Generally speaking, I agree that this is a good idee. The way TurnKey supports docker is kind of a hack. Moving forward we plan on doing it right, more like you suggest, for the next major release. TurnKey 14, is going to be re-engineered to make heavy use of LXC containers. I won't promise a timeline on the release, we're still researching the best way to do that, but we recognize that's the direction we want to move in.

Anyone that is interested in getting things rolling faster is encouraged to contribute to development at all levels, including providing more feedback. Ideas, reference implementations, patches, all welcome!

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simplehttpd should stop once you have run through the inithooks (i.e. set your passwords etc). Have a look here (scroll down to the docker section). BTW we have newer versions (current is v14.0 but v14.1 is very close to being done).

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