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Can any one help me in finding a decent OTRS development company...we need few customizations to be done asap..then we would want our OTRS to be upgraded to the latest version..


any help would be appreciated.



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We struggled a lot in finding a vendore who can help us cusomizaing otrs as per our needs...after many searches...finally we hired proclarify be true..they are pretty good team to work with..they developed few KPI reports and customized dashboards for our management...and they saved our butts when our server got crashed..they got our otrs back with in few hours..kudos to the team :)

talk to them..hope you like their work too :)




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Hi samrat,

there is a pretty good team out there,, it the company of the OTRS Inventor.

We can recommed them.



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Hey Hans...I know znuny is the creator of otrs...but they are very pricey...a lot i can say :) ...if we have that load of money..i could have opted bmc software :)

$10,899 for a open source application support is way out of my league...i dont understand what is the difference between otrs and other proprietory software if its too pricey...

However, I am leaning towards proclarify consulting...

thanks for the suggestion trivikram and hans..






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Hi Samrat,

Thank you for showing interest in Proclarify's OTRS Development Services

Proclarify is one of the leading consulting firms in ITSM industry. We work with major service management vendors to address the problems which our clients are facing in their businesses with significant, transparent and efficient approach.

Our consultants are ITIL Certified and have profound experience in ITSM solutions so our clients can be assured that they are working with experts who are focused on meeting their business needs, driving operational excellence, and maximizing returns from technology investments.

We have successfully provided ITSM and OTRS Consulting services to many clients in multiple verticals spread across countries like Germany, Austria, United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Greece, Belgium, India, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand. 

Our OTRS Service portfolio includes the following

OTRS Consulting Services
OTRS Custom Theme Design
OTRS Custom Development
OTRS Integration Services
OTRS Custom Add-on Development
OTRS Managed Support
OTRS Upgrade Services
OTRS Training Services

Request a no-obligation call and discover what OTRS can do for your Service Business !!

Alex. J
Business Consultant
Proclarify Consulting

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in this thread we (other otterhub users and I) created a (incomplete) list of companies that provide support/development for OTRS:

- Renée

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Just found it in my research for plugins in otrs:

It could be, that they can give you some advices in customization.

By the way, this link is in Renée Bäckers post, too.

Thanks to you for that usefull post!

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as capeIT, we have extraordinary skills within optimization of business processing within customer and IT service. Our ITIL-certified employees have more than 10 years of experience in this area. Our customers mostly come from the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and we are very proud of our collected references.

Within OTRS, we have been working continuously since the framework 1.3 and we have been cooperating with OTRS community and developers of the project. We have been delivering bugfixes and new features for the OTRS core as well as additional modules. More over, we have been developing our own OTRS additional modules (f.e. KIX4OTRS) that are free and Open Source as OTRS.

We are the OTRS service provider and offer

  • consulting
  • implementation
  • customization (configuration, development)
  • trainings (user trainings, admin trainings, developer trainings, trainings for change management, trainings for business process management)
  • support

for OTRS. Furthermore, we develop the biggest OTRS community module, KIX4OTRS. KIX4OTRS extends the basic system of OTRS with more ergonomic user interfaces, various possibilities for integration of data (monitoring data from Nagios/Icinga/etc., ERP data for commission and delivery data, inventory data from client management systems, solutions from intelligent OMQ knowledge data base), CTI and a better support for workflows within the OTRS-based systems.

If you have any further question, don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Anna Brakoniecka

c.a.p.e. IT GmbH - ...cape it easy

Schönherrstr. 8, D-09113 Chemnitz
Tel: +49 371 27095 620
Fax: +49 371 27095 625
AG Chemnitz - HRB 23192
Geschäftsführer Rico Barth, Thomas Maier


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Hi I am too looking for OTRS professionals for my project. I have the knowledge but as the leader of the project I cannot be hands on ... just wondering if you projects went as planned and with whome?

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  • Mapping your service organization by developing queue structures that reflect a hierarchical, regional, vertical or by topic design
  • Definition of roles and authorization structures
  • Mapping and defining service processes and workflows
  • Service Catalog design
  • Integration and infrastructure 

Tableau Training | Informatica Training | Angularjs Training | Hadoop Training

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