Yeah, new user here.

So this is my first time using Turnkey and I wanted to start off with as much of a bare-bones install as possible so I'd have to install pretty much everything from the ground up. I installed the Turnkey core in a VM and everything is working fine so far but I'd like to continue now by installing Lamp Stack and just go on from there.

Did I miss something? Is this not possible? It is not found using apt-get install via SSH nor is it found using the "Install a New Package" portion of the web interface. 

I have been searching both this forum as well as Google for help on installing Lamp Stack but so far I have not seen what I am looking for.. only folks that started off installing Turnkey with LAMP already included.

Can I NOT install LAMP manually as I would Samba or some other package, like Wordpress?




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The point of TurnKey is that each of the images is tailor made for a specific usage scenario and is as lightweight as possible whilst still providing a ready-to-use system. There is no 'lamp-stack' package (hence the value of a pre-installed and configured LAMP stack). So personally I would go with the pre-built LAMP stack if a LAMP stack is what you want - rather than starting with Core and having to manually install Apache, MySQL and PHP/Perl/Python etc.

However if you'd rather build your own then there is no reason why you can't start with Core and build it yourself. Beyond the web interfaces (i.e. Webmin and Webshell) and a couple of TurnKey specific packages (e.g. TKLBAM and confconsole) and tweaks (e.g. auto security updates) it is simply a trim, lightweight Debian Server (v13.x = Debian Wheezy/7). So if you want to install LAMP then I suggest you have a look at one of the myriad of tutorials about online. There is a page dedicated to this on the Debian wiki (although it suggests installing with aptitude which if you want to use that, you'll need to install that first with apt-get). Or there is also a tutorial on How-to-Forge (I haven't tested that one, but historically I've found their articles great). If neither of those take your fancy then I'm sure google will provide plenty of other options...

Good luck :)

Well that explains it.

Thanks so much.

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