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i just elected to install a debian 7 64bit turnkey template via the webhost that i am presently using and hit a snag.

i want to connect to the server using a remote gui interface and i usually use x2go.

i connected to the server using putty and installed gnome - then added the key for x2goserver and installed x2goserver as usual.

when i connect to the server using x2goclient, the client just fails with no error message and i haven't found a useful log file for it yet. so i am stuck

does anyone know why this is occurring? do i need to elect to connect to the server via a specific port in x2goclient?



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Maybe it is a port issue? Or perhaps x2go isn't running/listening as (and needs to be manually started and/or configured to listen)... I'm only guessing though really... Just to clarify are you using TurnKey? Or just a vanilla Debian? Either way you may find that Debian forums more useful regarding x2go (probably find someone else using it that can help) or maybe even x2go themselves...

The rest of my answer isn't really directly answering your question at all and is only relevant if you are using TurnKey... But I hope that it is of some value to you.

Do you have a need for a GUI? Whilst I know it is the default way of doing things in a 'Windows' world, many Linux server settings need to be adjusted with a text editor and/or commandline anyway so IMO there is very little advantage. You will also find that your server runs much more efficiently without Gnome (and friends) installed...

TurnKey comes equipped OOTB with a pretty handy WebUI (Webmin) which is possibly more useful in a server scenario than Gnome would be. It should be accessible with a web browser via https on port 12321. Also if you only need to run a few commands, you may find Webshell (again https via browser on port 12320). Personally I find an SSH connection better if I have lots to do, but sometimes Webshell is quick and easy...

Regardless which way you go, good luck! :)

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thanks for responding.

i was using a turnkey template for debian 7, yes - setup by the host of the server i am using.

i have previously spoken with some people on the debian forums, though to be honest, i usually find them to not be especially helpful - the last time in fact there was even hostility without explanation.

so i have dropped debian now and am using fedora instead.

i appreciate that webmin is a replacement for a full gui, however, i find that being able to operate with multiple windows open simultaneously and search /edit files on the server is an ability that i am uncomfortable to be without. so on balance, for now, i am returning to the standard form of gui.

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Sad to hear that you had a horrible experience on the Debian forums... I must admit that I haven't found them as friendly as the Ubuntu forums, but not rude or hostile. That is certainly no good at all...!

Sad to see you go, but if Fedora works better for you then go for it.

FWIW Webmin has a (java based) file manager which you can search for and edit files within (and you can have multiple browser tabs open too).

Also not sure if it's relevant to your usage, but I often use an FTP client (my preference is Filezilla) for remote browsing/editing of my TKL filesystem (via SFTP). Also SSHFS is pretty handy if you want to mount a remote filesystem (over SSH). In my experience SSHFS works best from Linux, although there is a version available for Windows (it seems to be abandonware but the only bug I've found is that it crashes if your Win PC goes to sleep and you need to unmount then remount the remote SSH filesystem after waking). SSH and SFTP are both available by default in TKL appliances.

Anyway good luck and take care. :)

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