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Dear All.

I have a file server. I installed the samba on it to store the document. See below for the security :

- group :

    + g1 : user1, user2,user3

    + g2 : user4, user5,user6

    + g3 : user1,user5

- folder :

   + folder A : set permission chmod 775   and  group chown root:g3

The problem is when the user1 modified a file in folder A then that file add the group g1 automatically. So the user2 can modify that file.


Quest : How to deny to add group automatically.


Thanks ALL.

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I think that you may need to ask this question somewhere else sorry. I could be wrong and maybe you'll get lucky, but I suspect that your question may go unanswered here. Google may help you out, or try posting on a forum with higher traffic, such as Debian (TKL is Debian based; v13.x is based on Debian Wheezy/7) might be a better bet (or even the Samba mailing list).

Sorry, I know that isn't very helpful. If you find an answer it'd be great if you post back as you'll make life for others in the future easier...

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