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OS: Windows 7
Application: VirtualBox
TKL product: Turnkey Linux Wordpress standalone (
Error screencap:

Key error text: 

begin: running /scripts/init-bottom ... mount: mounting /dev on /root/dev failed: no such file or directory
mount: mounting /sys on /root/sys failed: no such file or directory
mount: mounting /proc on /root/proc failed: no such file or directory
Target filesystem doesn't have requested /sbin/init.
no init found. try passing init= bootarg. 

Guesses at cause of error: 

#1 - lazy/improper forced shutdown of the image, or similar effect via laptop sleep function. 
#2 - random minor hard drive corruption. 


1. How do I fix this?
2. Can I fix it?
3. Should I fix it, or attempt to restore from backup?
4. What is the likely cause?
5. Can I pay someone to fix this (quickly)?
6. Can I avoid data loss? 

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My first guess would be your guess #1, followed by your guess #2. I have had a similar experience with VMs that were running in VBox (on Win7) when my laptop went to sleep. I narrowed it down to that and could reproduce, although not every time. I ended up making a script that ran on sleep, hibernate and shutdown that stopped all running VBox VMs (sorry I can't share it as it was a while ago and I only use Linux on my laptop now).

Answers (my best guess...):
1, 2 & 3: As for whether data can be recovered or not will be a luck of the draw (depends how damaged the vHDD is). If you have a current backup (or the data lost isn't that important) then I probably wouldn't even bother...
4: See first paragraph above (for my guess).
5: Sorry but TKL doesn't offer that sort of service. You may be able to find someone that can do it though. Either someone local (i.e. local IT guru familiar with Linux) or a freelancer through something like oDesk. If you are patient then you should be able to do it yourself (keep in mind TKL is Debian based).
6: See my mention above of a script. However it's still not foolproof. If the host OS loses power (i.e. doesn't shutdown/hibernate/sleep cleanly) then the issue may arise again. I also found that Win being Win, occasionally strange things would happen (and the script wouldn't work or trigger)... Bottom line is that regular backups are imperative and if your server is really important then running on a dedicated hypervisor (or separate hardware) is probably a better option...

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