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I recently noticed that my page was down for some unknown reason.  I went into the TKhub to review my server settings and did a reboot.  Once completed, I clicked on but it took me to the error page at  It no longer works.  

I previously had it set so that my registered domain redirected to the tklapp domain.  It was working and was easy.  Now, I have to use the raw IP address to even access the sight.  I updated the A records, but that takes time to propogate so will not even know if it works for some time.  In the meantime, I am stuck with a downed site.  I do not know what happened and need some help getting back up and running.

Any idea what happened?  What can I do to fix it?


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Get yourself an Elastic IP.  Once you have that you can assign it to your instance.  THen change your records to use that IP.  The IP should stay associated during reboots, but if you shut down you will have to manually re-assocate it to the instance when you power back up.

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