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Hi all,

I signed up for for Turnkey Hub Gold plan.

I deployed the turnkey linux LAMP on a EC2 Amazon Instance,

I confugured with many plugin and modules and populated the db / configured oracle java, and installed lots of apps that required lots of time, I executed the Turnkey standard backup but it backuped just apache db and some folder, what I need is a full image / clone of the server to test it in local "on premise" enviroment.

So I created an Amazon bucket to use the command for export it to a virtuam machine in a VMDK OVA format but it is not possible:

when I execute ec2-create-instance-export-task - I obtain this error:

Client.NotExportable: Only imported instances can be exported.

I google out and discovered that export an instance to a vm is forbidden not supported if that instance has not been imported itself when the instance has been created.

For example if I had installed turnkey LAMP on my Vsphere on premise enviroment and exported to Amazon EC2 it would be ok, but because I directly deployed it from Turnkey Linux to EC2 it is not possible.

Now the questions is which is the fastest way to clone and import the server on my On premise enviroment avoiding "Cloud Lock-in" without rebuilt and configure the server?

Thanks for your support and help.




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And is totally configurable.

As a general rule under normal circumstance it should work properly OOTB but if you need to add some specific directories then have a look at the tklbam-backup docs on the wiki or on GitHub.

Note, be aware that if you have installed things in 'naughty places' (i.e. directories that should only be handled by package management; not users) then backing up and restoring those areas may have unintended consequence...

Otherwise you could use rsync to copy across the whole server (excluding stuff like /dev and /proc etc).

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