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I'm using the Wordpress appliance on a VPS to set up a very small personal blog site. I chose a VPS over normal shared hosting because it costs $28 a year from Ramnode, which is much less expensive than any shared hosting I've found. 


My domain registration includes very reasonably priced email hosting, so I'm using that for my own email account. I thought that it would make the most sense to have the blog send comment notifications and such through that server, since I already have mail.mydomain.com anyway. I'm noticing that the appliance seems to be configured to send mail out itself, but I'm not sure that's the optimum setup in my case. It seems to my instincts that things could get complicated if we have two mail servers operating on the same domain, no? 


Should I just add my VPS to the existing SPF record for the domain, or would I be better off going with my first instinct and reconfiguring postfix to relay through my existing mail server? I don't see any options in webmin for authenticating to the relay  server, which my provider requires. I suppose I'd have to edit some configuration file manually. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of each method?

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As postfix is configured to only be an outgoing server , it should not cause any conflict or issue to leave it as is. However, it may be a neater solution to have all your outgoing emails coming from the same place.... (I.e. route mail through your other mail server).

IMO it's your call really...

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