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I have (last 3 lines)

  1. //storageServer/    /    cifs    credentials=/home/storageServerAdmin/.smbcredentials,exec    0    0
  2. //storageServer/    /    cifs    credentials=/home/storageServerAdmin/.smbcredentials,exec    0    0
  3. //storageServer/PicturesMaster    /    cifs    credentials=/home/storageServerAdmin/.smbcredentials,ro    0    0

in fstab.  /home/storageServerAdmin/.smbcredentials (on this machine) has the userid and password (of the system administrator of storageServer).

I boot the machine and list the contents of / and it is empty, as is / and /  I run 'mount -a' and see no errors.  I list the contents of /, / and / and they all contain the contents that I expected after boot.

storageServer is at, this machine is at  If I put this machine at, same subnet, it makes no difference.

This (fstab) used to work ... sometime before tkLAMP v12.  Since I reboot the web server so seldom I just ran 'mount -a' after and sort of forgot about it.  But now I'm bringing up a new version and I tripped over this again.

I don't know what to look for.  Suggestions?


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Although some might call it a feature! IIRC it is caused by the introduction of synchronous boot processing. Basically, fstab is being processed before networking has finished coming online so fstab just skips any mounts that require networking.

I just had a quick google and it looks like you need to set the script to run asynchronously. See the details here.

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I added AUTOMOUNTNFS=no to the end of /etc/default/rcS.  No change (that I could see).

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I noticed that some other TurnKey users have also previously commented that that didn't work (although there experience was different to you) so sorry about that.

I suggest that you have a google and just keep in mind that TurnKey v13 is basically Debian Wheezy (aka 7) under the hood. From my reading there are a few different work arounds that people have used. I was under the impression that the "ASYNCMOUNTNFS=no" was the 'proper' solution, but it seems not...

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