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We are into software development. and we work on multiple applicaitons


I need LAMP Stack, CodeIgnitor, Redmine and SVN 

i have seen that there are separate TunkeyApplianaces for each of my requirement.

Now how do i install all these applications. do i need to download each of the appliances separately and run the install .

I am a bit confused pls advisei



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So each one is a stand alone OS which already includes the specified software. If you wish to run all of them on one server then you'll either want a hypervisor (Proxmox is my personal favourite - you can download TKL appliances as OVZ containers within the WebUI) and run them as VMs/Containers or use the LXC appliance and run them as separate LXC containers.

I guess a third option would be to start with the LAMP appliance and install the other functionality separately - although in my mind that defeats the convenience and easy-start provided by TurnKey... It also doesn't provide any redundancy or separation which I really appreciate running TKL appliances as OVZ containers on Proxmox.

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