- could you perhaps add a server 'mediawikimaths' to your suite to allow for nerds like me who want to run a maths enabled wikimedia

- do you have a faq explaining the ins and outs of persistent storage (EBS volumes). I enabled the Maths as per your instructions but on rebooting it doesn't work. I think it lost all the changes on reboot because no persistent storage was enabled.

- also need to understand elastic ip and the cost implications of both that and deploying EBS volumes


Neil Parker

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Hi Neil, sorry for my slow response...

It sounds like you are signed up to the TurnKey Hub. As laid out on the Plans and Pricing page - the cheapest (and most basic plan) aka "Pay-per-use' allows you to launch any sized S3 backed servers on AWS. Charges are $10/mth + AWS usage charges +10% of AWS usage charges; so if you used a small server in Sydney for 40 hours in a month it would be $13.52 for that month ($10 + $3.20 [8c/hr x 40 hrs] + $0.32 [$3.20 x 10%]).

S3 backed appliances (as provided in Pay-per-use plan) use S3 ephemeral storage; this means that if you stop the server, the data is lost (so make sure you have good backups!). EBS backed appliances don't suffer from this limitation - i.e. they can be stopped without data loss (although still good practice to have backups!) Another advantage of EBS backed servers is that you can do 'snapshots' of them and either go back to a previous snapshot if you want or launch the snapshot as a new server... (Snapshots are not a replacement for backups though...!)

An elastic IP is essentially a static IP. You can attach it to a server and it is basically a static IP that won't change when you restart the server. One elastic IP per server is free while the server is running; but AWS will charge for unused elastic IPs ($0.005/hr).

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You do not mention what the problem was with the maths rendering extension (other than it is "not working" - which doesn't help me much...) Are you getting any errors? How do you know that it's not working? Basically I need to know how I can recreate your problem so I can test it...

Thanks for posting screenshots, but that didn't help much because I can't see them... Just an explanation is fine. TBH though I have tested it and it appears to just do nothing... I think I have it sorted, but we'll see.

PS No doubt you noticed but I moved my responses from the other thread to this one... Probably best to keep it all together in this thread than posting in an old thread...

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Somewhere along the line the steps required to get the Math extension working have changed. I have just tested the issue and researched how to fix it. So the Install Math extension on TKL MediaWiki docs now work (there's a few extra steps...)

Thanks for reporting and thanks for your patience.

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Thanks for confirming that it all works now! :)
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So for some reason your MediaWiki is not able to talk to it's database backend. I am assuming that this is a TurnKey appliance?! Is it working fine in every other way? Prior to and since this addition?! Obviously other than the maths extension...

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I just tested this and it seems that there is something wrong with the MediaWiki appliance; it's nothing to do with the Maths extension...

I just launched a fresh Micro appliance and it gave the same error message. So i ran


(and reset root, MySQL and MediaWiki passwords) which seemed to fix it.

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You could try a new instance if you want; but seeing as I just replicated your issue then I think that you would be better off just running it on your current (non-working) instance...! (The new instance I just launched was broken and turnkey-init fixed it).

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Yes essentially that is a good guide, and assuming that its pretty low traffic then that should be it. Keep in mind though that AWS charge for 'excessive' bandwidth and other such things (you need to read their fine print if you want all the details); I don't imagine that it will be an issue for you but just wanted to be totally upfront!

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