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I had the occasion to create then destroy (and recreate) an instance via the Hub on EC2 while putting together the latest version of owncloud on a LAMP instance.

For the first create a choose a unique sub-domain name (showed as available) for and it worked.

I had the need to destroy and then create the instance.  During this time I used the same sub-domain name (it showed as available).

However when I try to use the URL I get 'The site you are looking for is currently not available' from TKLAPP.COM

I did an NSLookup on a Public DNS for the URL and it returns the correct IP Address of my instance.



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I near guarantee that the domain is resolving to your old appliance IP (which has since been destroyed).

The fact that the public lookup is giving the currently correct IP (of your running instance) shows that it is working as it should. That would suggest that the problem is your local DNS caching and/or your DNS provider caching.

You can check that by running nslookup (or dig or similar DNS tools) on your local PC. That will probably give you the incorrect (old) IP.

You can work around that locally by using a good public DNS (like Google: as ISP are notorious for providing sub standard DNS (with long caching times). Depending on your OS you may be able to adjust caching times there too if need be (although from what I recall, most OS shouldn't be too bad). Another workaround which will work better for everyone is to get an elastic IP (from Amazon). An elastic IP is essentially a static IP that you attach to your server. They are free (one per server) but only while they are attached to a running server.

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Thanks for reminding me of the Elastic IP in EC2, working great

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