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Hi guys,

I am wondering if Turnkey is supported by a newer version than Debian 7.2.

Does it avalaible under Debian 7.6 or higher (even as beta version)?


I have bought a Nuc of intel and it is impossible to run Debian 7.2 on it (wireless bug;  ethernet defect. They are not supported).


Kind regards and thank you in advance for your help!

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It is in the pipeline (actually has been for some time...) but we have been busy with other important 'behind-the-scenes' stuff so it is sorely overdue.

As a workaround, if you can connect via NIC (ethernet cord) then you can run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and then you should be up to latest Debian base.

If you can't (connect via NIC) then there are a few different ways you could try to update in situ. The easiest of them would probably require a version of TurnKey that does have an internet connection though. You could do that in a VM... I don't recall detailed steps ATM but if you google something like "update Debian offline" (or variations of that) you should get some ideas...

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Although for context I also don't know of anyone that has tried...! The only concern that I would have is that some of the TurnKey package dependencies may be upgraded and currently there isn't a TKL Jessie repo.

If you investigate package pinning then you will be able to circumvent that potential issue, but if your appliance is in production then I would definitely test first (probably in a disposable VM).

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