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I've started at a company using a Turnkey Linux Redmine appliance (TurnKey Linux 11.1 / Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid LTS). I've been charged with updating the server.

The server has never been attached to an official Turnkey account. We have an TurnKey account now and would like to attach the server. Next goal is to restore a backup to a newer Turnkey Redmine appliance.

Is there a way to attach an old, existing instance to an account? I'd like to enable all the tlkbam goodies to S3 as well.



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Assuming that I have you right; the first step I would take would be to do a (TKLBAM) backup of your current server. Then I would launch a fresh (temporary/testing) Redmine server from your Hub account and restore the backup there. Hopefully it should mostly work, but it may take a little bit of tweaking here and there (as not only are you updating to a newer OS, you are also migrating from an Ubuntu base to a Debian one...).

I suggest that you carefully document everything as you do it (whether it works or not...). I'm not really sure what tweaks it might require but using a test server you can always trash it and start again if need be. Once you have it working as you desire; destroy your test server for a final time and do your migration for real!

And the last step is to post it here! :). It's highly likely that others are in your position so you may help save them some pain! :)

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Thanks! I'll document as I go.

First problem I need to tackle is tlkbam is failing because the disk is failing.  The Python script is failing with an I/O exception error.  Seeing disk errors in the log, too. 


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In one of your responses to another question, I learned about:

tlkbam init --force [my api key]

I used the API key from my TurnKey hub and re-init'ed tklbam. That allowed me to link this old machine to my new account.

I started a backup (then learned the disk was failing).


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