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So I just got one of these from Amazon indicating they are retiring one of our instances due to hardware degradation.  We are EBS backed root fs so I simply made a snapshot and fired it up on a new instance.  I should be able to restart my backups and just use the new instance correct?

I just want to make sure I am not missing anything...

Even though we are EBS root fs i thought it would be best just to fire up a new system ahead of the other one disappearing :)

Anything else I should do? 

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I would personally also do a TKLBAM backup of your current server just to be on the safe side...

It shouldn't be an issue to test your new server (new server created from a snapshot) but if you use HubDNS be aware that the new server will 'steal' the FQDN off your original server.

At least testing prior to having to move is always a good idea IMO! :)

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As Jeremy said, take a TKLBAM backup. It can't hurt.

I've never been a fan of VM snapshots. The Virtualisation provider's documentation always seems to have too many caveats for my liking. The safer approach, if you can take the server offline late at night for 5 minutes, is to shut the instance down, create an image then launch that image on another AWS instance. If you are using an elastic IP address you just re-attach it to your new instance and your migration is complete and you still have the old instance as a cold backup. If you need to switch back just shut down the new instance, start up the old instance and re-attach the elastic IP. Pretty simple and reasonably risk free from my experience.


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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