What is the process to add an SSL cert to a Wordpress site running turnkey wordpress?

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It's getting a little old but it still should be relevant:


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Ok TBH I'm not sure why it didn't work... By my understanding the blog post should still be totally relevant.

You shouldn't need to reboot the server. Restarting Apache should do it (well actually reloading should do it - as per instructions). My only other thought is that perhaps you need to clear your browser cache?

If you want any assistance with troubleshooting I'm no expert on these things but happy to help if I can. The more info you can provide re what you've done and what the result is/was (verbatim commandline error messages/browser messages/etc) the better the chance that I can add something useful! Although no guarantees! :)

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Let us know if you still need help. I do WordPress SSL installs / upgrades all the time. Are you using Apache or NGINX as your web server?


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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