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Hi, I have a mystery hoping some can help me with. Since we changed our ISP network and router, my word press site will not display on the Internet. It times out. Me and Cisco Tech support have spent many hours trying to discover what could be the issue.

The DMZ network and server remained the same:

  • Same static private IP address, SNM, DNS server, same Internet name servers.

  • The WordPress server is a TurnKeyLinux (Debian) Lamp build with WordPress separately installed.

  • WordPress version 4.1.1 using a network

  • We are using the Progression Studios 0Pixel theme.

  • We have bbPress, Download Manager, Easy Pricing Tables Lite, Google Analytics, Visual Form Builder, and YouTube Plugins

This is what changed on 3/6/2015:

  • The default gateway on the server

  • The Public IP address on the Internet name servers

  • The Cisco router


  • Our Window IIS servers are working just fine, no issues

  • I switch the WordPress server’s IP with a Windows IIS server’s which was working. The WordPress Server still didn’t work from the Internet

  • Cisco has done packet analyst of traffic on the server and on the router. It appears that all the right traffic is getting through in both directions

  • The WordPress site works from within the DMZ network, and from the trusted network with the private IP address placed in hosts files on PCs

  • The Linux server pings outside sites by domain name

Can anyone suggest something that might be the issue?



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Hi Ken,

Have you fixed this or do you still want some advice?

It sounds like you have a good technical background and have technical support advisors so I would not be surprised if you have fixed this already.

If not, my first point of call would be to look in your Apache logfile.

A couple of points of clarification as well:

1) Where do the IIS servers come into this? They have no relationship with your LAMP-based Wordpress.

2) You refer to the fact that the WordPress site is accessible on the trusted network with the private IP address in the PC's host file. Is this a single WordPress site or a WordPress multi-site (you said "WordPress version 4.1.1 using a network")? WordPress multi-site should be configured with the wp_siteurl and wp_home referring to a domain name, not an IP address. Though you said this was working externally before you switched ISPs is that correct?



Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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Hello Tim,

The issue is temporarily fixed, but the mystery continues. I reconfigured my TurnKey box's gateway to go out the origianl router and restored it from backup to quickly get it back up. I believe the issue will reapear. To answer your questions:

1. The IIS servers are Windows servers I had availible on my DMZ to use for testing web site access, some in porduction, and one general purpase test with the default spashscreen. I just used them to check if a web site can be seen from the Internet, that port 80 trafic was returning to the client, and then to make sure the issue wasn't with the IP address I was using..

2. I am using multi-site. I didn't change the wp_siteurl and the wp_home names - they remained the same (our trusted AD and Internet domain names are the same). The private IP address remained the same, the public IP changed when I change the default gateway (or the router it goes out of), and I change the pubic IP address on our Interent name servers and waited until the IP address propaged (nslookup resolved correctly on the client).

Thank you,




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You can run both appliances in parallel so why don't we debug the new appliance while you leave the old appliance running for your users to access. Just add the ip address for the new appliance in your desktop computer's hosts file so that you can access it from your desktop browser via DNS (Apache and WordPress use certain source information in their operations that is different if you access via ip address or DNS).

First test would be to look in the apache log on the new appliance and see if any traffic is being registered by Apache. If so, we can then look to the next step of sorting out the issue at the WordPress level (which is not looking like the issue at this point...but never say never).

If you are not registering any traffic in the apache logs we can then look at the O/S level (IP tables perhaps).

Let's start with the Apache log.



Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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