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Hi guys, 

so far i had the Ireland region, but now since Frankfurt is available and i am located in Frankfurt, it makes sense to have my backups sent to Frankfurt.

How can i change the region where the backups are created? 

Thanks in advance!

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But it has already been requested as a feature and will be included at some point.

TBH I don't think that the Hub even knows about the Frankfurt region yet. I know it has been online a while but as the Hub was due for an update I think Alon decided to include that (adding awareness of Frankfurt) in the Hub update rather than patch the existing code.

So my suspicion is that even if you re-initialised TKLBAM now it wouldn't realise that Frankfurt is an option and default back to Ireland.

The Hub refresh is close and AFAIK an updated version of TKLBAM was recently pushed out. Once the updated Hub is live then you could try re-initialising TKLBAM and see what happens...

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Good to know that!

Thank you

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No worries! :)

Sorry I couldn't do any better than that...

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