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Having recently migrated a site from a Windows platform to a Linux platform I found it necessary to throw some notes together to use the next time the need to do such a thing arises. Since it's existing, might as well share it with others. Linux Mint 17 distro was used along with Drupal 7 and, please bear in mind, that it's basically the work of a newb meant for newbs:



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Perhaps you didn't realise but you have posted your tutorial in the forums of a distro that supplies a prebuiilt Drupal virtual machine! :)

Although in fairness it is Drupal7 not the latest Drupal8...

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Sorry, didn't know about that feature of the distro, just posted on the first Drupal and Linux related forum Google found. Thanx for stressing this, I guess I'll be looking for one more forum to post on... and sorry for not being carefull enough.

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