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How can we configure SSH for Mercurial (Amazon EC2)?

I've clonned the helloword hg repo on my machine without problems. Then for testing I've created and commited a file to the repo. But when I tried to hg push the operation cannot be completed because of errors in the ssl verification

Tortoise HG log:


% hg push pushing to searching for changes remote: ssl required remote: ssl required updating ad2f9d09081c to public failed! [command returned code 1 Sat May 16 21:24:09 2015] helloworld% interrupted!

If I use 'https' a SSH certification error occurs. (SSL: server verification failed)

I've tried to find some kind of tutorial and all that I found was instructions to disable autentication in the server, but this is not a option for our team.

Can anyone help us?

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I've never used it... But my guess is that the problem is that TurnKey appliances use a self-signed certificate.

BTW I'm assuming that you're using the 'TurnKey Revision Control appliance'...

I've never used it in the TurnKey appliance but git allows for usage via SSH; I've only ever used it with GitHub and instead of HTTPS it uses a SSH login; e.g.

I'm not sure if that would work with Mecurial or not though...

BTW we're currently working on the v14.0 release so anything suggestion on improvements are warmly welcomed! Obviously no guarantees that we'll implement them, but still please share. :)

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