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I was trying to add Customer data to tickets in our OTRS.  I understand means activating 

Ticket::EventModulePost###930-DynamicFieldFromCustomerUser and


Supposedly it is under:

|-> SysConfig

|-> Ticket

|-> Frontend::Agent::ModuleRegistration

|-> Frontend::Module###AgentTicketPhone

But they are not in there.  Are they in another location?  Is there a way to activate them manually?

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I'm not at all familiar with the OTRS software so I'm not much help there sorry. If they have a community forums or mailing list that might be your best bet?

No doubt you've tried already, but if you keep in mind that TurnKey is Debian under the hood then I'm sure you'd dig up info via google...

It's probably not a lot of consolation right now but we're currently updating all the appliances so there should be a newer version available soon...

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Ok, so after some digging I found out the 930-DynamicFieldFromCustomerUser is only in OTRS 3.3.0+ versions.  So I installed a plain old LAMP and installed it OTRS 3.3.14.  No trouble after that but I think Turnkey needs to update the OTRS iso.

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And funny you should mention updates... Have a look here! :)

And FWIW the version of OTRS in Debian Jessie (and therefore TurnKey v14.0) is 3.3.9 so it should include the feature you are after.

Obviously that isn't the latest version but as it is provided by the Debian repos it will receive auto installed security patches (backported to that version by the Debian Security Team). So whilst you miss out on the latest features, you will get all security patches auto installed and don't have to manually keep your site up to date (as you will with an upstream install).

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