I have TurnKey Redmine 12.1 with Redmine v2.2.3, I need at least v2.3.0 - how can I upgrade? Guide from redmine.org (svn update) doesn't seem to work.

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I can't vouch for it or whether it will work on v12.1 or not but have a look here.

Jeremy, when will the new version be released? Days? Weeks? Months? Will there be an easy way to upgrade to v14? Maybe you could give me an access to RC so I can test it?

Ondrej, thanks for the link, I'll try it.

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We operate on a "release when ready" schedule so there is no firm date. I hope that that it's within the next few weeks but don't hold me to it!

As for updating; as usual the best way will be to use TKLBAM to migrate data to a new server. There will also be the option of doing an in-place upgrade. That may work ok, but no guarantees. Also seeing as you are on v12.x you'll need to upgrade to v13.0 first.

If you use TKLBAM to migrate to a new server you have the advantage that you can do a dry run (and work through any issues if there are any) prior to doing it "for real". Also if something breaks during the migration you still have the original server running so nothing lost...

We don't yet have publicly available RC ISOs for all the rest of the appliances. You can build your own if you want (the appliance code has been updated) and it would be great if you could test. The Redmine build code is here and I wrote a blog post on building ISOs here.

Ondrej it didn't work, but the guide linked in Jeremy's post did - I'm on 2.3.4 now - thanks!

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