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I have a TKL wordpress site internally running in VM using VMWare. Didn't need it for a long while so it got shut off. Brought it backup for a revival of the project. I went in updated all my plugsins, and WP version but I am guessing the TKL core is quite old too. Is there an easy way to update this without migrating servers or data? 

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The recommended way to update is to simply migrate data to a new(er) server using TurnKey's custom backup and migration tool; TKLBAM. As you are working with a VM it's a great way to do it.

Using TKLBAM's smart data migration allows testing of your migration before you commit, with the option to trash progress at anytime and restart. Probably most importantly it means that the likelihood of breaking your existing server and/or losing data is almost nil...

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Thanks for the info. Is there a place I should be looking for some documentation/directions of theat feature? It sounds like what I need. 

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If you want to move a WordPress site to a new server you can just use a plugin like xcloner to do so. It is a more focused move than a TKLBam-based move.


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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