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hi there , im TNT BOM BOM one of the whonix anonymous OS fans. so what i want to ask is:-

whonix is build on debian (similarly to TAIL from TOR) the difference is, whonix is .ova not .iso ; which mean i cant run it from a dvd to install it or live dvd.

the question is:- is there anyway to make .ova image to run from dvd ? like converting this .ova to .iso  or so?

whonix OS link:-

i appreciate any suggestions and answer

thnx :)

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ISO to OVA/OVF is relatively easy; but back the other way not so much... Although it should be doable and we had a tutorial to convert and installed system to an ISO. However it's pretty old now and was very TurnKey Linux focused...

If Whonix is only distributed as an OVA then they probably don't have an installer set up. I guess you could try to leverage the default Debian one but TBH I wouldn't know where to start with that... Perhaps the Whonix community have some ideas?

Many moons ago there was software called "RemasterSys" which was primarily aimed at converting an installed system to an installable ISO. AFAIK it's long dead, but I'm sure that others have ideas on how to do that. An OVA is essentially an installed system...

Another thought; convert the OVA to a disk image that any vanilla Linux can mount and read from directly (such as .raw). Then boot from a(ny) Linux live system, mount the image and simply rsync the contents to a partition... Or just dd it (and resize later). I've installed Linux systems like that before and it works a treat...

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